Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Make a Corsage

So excited to have another tutorial up. I was asked a couple of weeks ago to make a corsage for a bridal shower. I was able to get a little creative with it and I love how it turned out. This corsage can be adapted to your own taste with different colors and by using different ribbon. 

First I grabbed a piece of felt and cut it into a 2x2 in square. I cut of the corners and turned it into a circle. This is your base. 

Then I took my ribbon, I decided to use burlap ribbon but you can use what ever ribbon you like, and cut it into a 6 inch strip. Cut 5 of these. 

Fold each one over making a loop and hot glue it together. Then hot glue each piece onto your felt. 

After you have glued each of your ribbon on the felt, your corsage should look like a starfish! 

Next I cut 3 circles out of white satin. You can use whatever color you like, but make sure it is satin or it wont work. This is how you make your flowers. I cut the big flower with a 2" diameter. I cut the next two circles a little smaller than the one before it. You only need 3 to make one flower. I cut enough for 2 white flowers and 1 green flower. I also make them all different sizes. Your circles do not have to be perfect. 

Then hold your circle about an inch above a flame until it starts to fold into itself. Keep going all the way around each petal. If it gets too hot for your fingers you could use a pair of metal tweezers. 

Here is how your petal should look after holding it over the flame. 

Then, I cut a piece of tulle a little bit bigger than my flower and placed each petal inside each other. I got a needle and thread and a pearl bead and sewed through the middle of the flower, making sure that my bead is secured in the center.

Now grab your green satin and cut a leaf shape. It does not have to be perfect, when you hold the leaf over the flames the melting process is very forgiving and it looks better if it is not too perfect. I cut enough for 3 leaves. 

Hold the leaf about an inch over your flame and allow the sides to curl up. 

After that you just put them all together in the center of your ribbons, you can rearrange them however you want. You could also use more flowers or take away some. I used 3 flowers of different sizes and also used 3 leaves. Now you could just grab a pin and have it pinned on or you could buy a clasp that is glued to the back to allow the corsage to be worn. 

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  1. I'm so impressed! :) You are so creative!


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