Friday, May 4, 2012

Organizing on a Budget

I like to organize. 

I like to organize a lot. 

But I am always reading tons of organizing blogs and websites and as their pictures of their organization may see extremely beautiful and inspiring. I can not afford to spend money on tubs and bins. Especially the specialty kind. Even a 10 dollar basket at Target is too much. I mean you don't just need 1. And it adds up! 

So here is what I did...I wanted a better and more pleasing to look at way of organizing our laundry room. Our laundry room still needs to be painted and there is a lot of cleaning that has to be done in there, but for the time being I wanted to get it organized. 

I went to dollar tree and snagged a few Easter  baskets!! Of course for only a $1 a piece! 

Then I took the handles off of each one. I did this by just pulling them off, I had to be a little forceful but it worked. 

After all of the handles were off I took some Krylon spray paint in White and spray painted each one. I didn't spray them so much that they were extremely coated. I just did a couple even strokes and gave it more of a white washed affect. 
Here is what the laundry room looked like before I added baskets: 

Here is the laundry room after: 

I only bough 5 baskets so here is all I got done. The circle basket I got at a yard sale for $.50. 

Here is how I organized each basket: 

See, the carpet cleaning supplies needs a basket. 

And here is the rest of the laundry room that still needs to be organized. 

But I need more baskets!! :) 

I encourage you to get creative and find things, like cardboard boxes and put some pretty scrap book paper on it, or go to dollar tree and get some baskets!! You don't have to spend a lot to get yourself organized :) 

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