Saturday, April 30, 2011


Here is what has been going on with our pregnancy. 

Basically our midwife has measured me the last few times and I have measured at 44 weeks. She also felt like I had a lot of fluid around my belly also known as "edema". 

This was a concern of hers so she wanted to start inducing me Thursday. Since she is a midwife she wanted to try every natural way possible before using pharmaceutic meds. 

So the first thing we try are herbs. Blue and Black Cohosh.

SO NASTY!! Anyways, did this for 3 hours at every 20 minutes. In between all this I was to walk or pump. 

Conclusion of Day 1: Utter fail. 

So she wanted us to go home and on Friday or the next day we were to try Castor Oil in the morning and then do the herbs again. Both are disgusting,. 

The Castor Oil barely took any sort of effect on me. Then the herbs finally started some contractions around 7:30 pm. At this time they were constant and at 4 minutes apart. My midwife wanted me to call her back if they got closer together or more intense. Well at around 11:00pm I went to the bathroom and then all of a sudden the contractions were gone. 

Conclusion of Day 2: FAIL!

So day 3 arrives. Midwife wants me to do the herbs and Castor oil again and then see her this afternoon. 
I tell her that I am frustrated and exhausted and really don't want to do them again, so what is the next step? She tells me to at least do the Castor oil and then come in at 2. Her and another midwife will evaluate me and see where to go from there. Also she is going on vacation for the next week and leaves Sunday. So this other midwife is the one who will be stepping in for her for the week. 

So I get evaluated by both midwives. 

They both decide that there is a lot of fluid around my stomach and that the baby's head is not in a good position AND that the baby is big. 

So conclusion from both midwives is that I need to be admitted into Greenville hospital to see an OBGYN and that they recommend they induce me right away, or that they will decide that I need a c-section. 

I cried to think that I could have a c-section. I really did not want to have to have one. 

So we get admitted into the hospital. They evaluate me and do a stress test on the baby. They monitor me and give me an ultrasound. 

Conclusion of OBGYN: Baby is perfectly fine, that my fluid is measuring normal. That the baby is a big baby but not big enough that they would call for a c-section and that there is no medical reason for me to be induced and so they wont do it. 

So basically my baby is a chunk.

 One of those babies that is going to need some baby spanx!

I have to say that at this point I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. I really wished they would induce me out of convenience since my mom came down early! 

However, I also just want Ainsley to come when she is ready and to not be forced. I have always wanted her to just come naturally. 

So at this point we have a choice. We can go back to our midwife or see someone else. I have decided to go to an OBGYN in Greenwood. I don't want to see Amy anymore, not because I don't like her. She has been really good to us. But because we want to stay in Greenwood. We are exhausted with traveling back and forth. Also because she is not even going to be here this week so she wont be the one delivering our child if she decides to come this week. 

So if anyone knows of a good OBGYN in Greenwood, SC. Message me on Facebook and let me know so I can try and see them on Monday. 


  1. wow. praying you get some rest sweet woman. Ainsley will come when she's ready. Glad you got some peace of mind. love you guys.

  2. I know it can be so hard to wait. Especially when you are so ready and you keep thinking you are going to have Ainsley. Praise God that you were able to get a second opinion and the doctor wasn't worried. Praying for peace for you and that Ainsley comes naturally very soon!


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