Monday, June 4, 2012

How I paint Laminate Furniture

So after painting the dresser for the guest bedroom. I looked at this night stand that was in the room and thought "I wonder if I can paint that?" 

It is just a cheap night stand from walmart or target. I cant remember, but its laminate. So I figured I would give it a try and see if I could make this night stand match the dresser. 

Here is the night stand before.  Along with all the other clutter that was in the room before I cleaned it out. 

First I primed it with a basic oil based primer. 

Then I painted it with the latex paint that I used on the dresser 

After letting it dry for about 4-6 hours. I grabbed some sandpaper and rubbed all of the edges and corners and areas where I felt a good distressing would work. Now I am super cheap and bought this sandpaper at the dollor store for $1. But I would advise against it and go buy a sanding block. This sandpaper just didn't last very long and I always had to fold it so it would get a better grip. 

Here is what it looked like after sanding. 

Then after wiping the night stand done with a clean dry cloth to get all of the dust particles off I grabbed my antiquing glaze and went to work. 

For the antiquing glaze you are going to need a few clean cloths and a paint brush. I just use an old paintbrush. 

 First you paint on some of the glaze in small sections. 

Then you rub that small section with a clean dry cloth before the glaze dries. 

 And this is how it should look after you have rubbed off the glaze. Now keep doing it all over the furniture with the glaze in small sections until it is completely covered. 

 And here is the finished product. 
You can put a wax or top coat on to protect the finish. 

 See, it matches the pretty dresser :) 


  1. Love this!! Will have to try soon!

  2. This looks GREAT, Jenn. You are SO talented. Back in the day I used to paint and stain furniture (never looked quiet this good though) - I kinda miss doing that sometimes.

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